Private Chef Services

I love food.  A lot.  I'm passionate about high quality, seasonal, organic cuisine, made with integrity and love.  Since 2004 I’ve been bringing healthy food to dinner tables in the Bay Area as a Private Chef.  And here's why:

My approach to working with food comes from an amalgamation of several philosophies and influencers. First off, I'll credit my parents and ancestral lineage. For I come from a long line of Italian Farm to Table foodies. So good, clean food is in my blood.  Growing up I watched my father grow all of our produce, and lent a hand every summer in his Super Size garden.  He also hunted, fished, foraged in wilded areas, raised honey bees, made homemade wine and soap... and made me drink apple cider vinegar every morning to keep me healthy.  Then there's my mothers influence, who made absolutely everything I ever ate as a child from scratch. 3 meals a day, every day!  Dang, she spent a lot of time in the kitchen!!  She canned and pickled and dehydrated, and made her own yogurt, sauerkraut, bread and jam.  As a child I though all of this was super weird and was jealous of the 'normal kids' at school who got things in their lunch boxes like Twinkies and Doritos. I got carrot sticks and homemade applesauce.  It was only weird until I grew up and became an adult and realized that real food, from the earth, made from scratch, is actually how it's suppose to be!  But alas, we get busy and don't all have the time to go out hunting and gathering for our dinner, except that we actually do, but it's not what our ancestors hunted and gathered.  So that's where I step in.  I'll go hunting and gathering for you.  Well, maybe not the hunting part. But I'd be happy to go gather! 

The other influencing aspect to my relationship with food is found within the sensible wisdom of the following axioms: "You Are What You Eat" who's good sense comes to us from the French.  Then I very much agree with the sentiment of Hippocrates "Let Food Be Thy Medicine, And Medicine Be Thy Food".  Just keep it real! And to round it out, "All Things In Moderation".  


How it works:

Dinner?  Done.  Dinner Party?  Impressive!  Picky kids?  No problem!  Food sensitivities?  You're in good hands.

Together we begin by discussing your nutritional goals and what you like to eat, and then come up with a customized menu or meal plan to make sure you'll be well fed, taking the worry of what's for dinner (and the time it takes to prepare it) off your plate.  In the fast paced, urban world in which we dwell with packed schedules, demanding jobs and busy lives, finding the time to prepare farm to table meals on a daily basis can often feel like mission impossible.  And that's where I step in.  I'm a Food SuperHero, here to save your day with conscious, high quality, thoughtfully prepared meals!

After we take the time to determine just how you'd like to eat, on the scheduled day I will head to the grocery store and shop for all the fresh ingredients needed to prepare the selected menu.  I will then come to your house and in your glorious kitchen I'll prepare several days or up to a weeks worth of meals that guarantee you'll be well fed for days.  Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast/Snacks, you name it - Done!  Your home will smell intoxicating. Your fridge will be full of meals in glass storage containers.  I'll give you super easy heating instructions. Your kitchen will be sparkly clean.  And all you'll need to do is Relax, Eat & Enjoy!  And you can even tell your company you made it yourself.  I won't tell. :)