Photography: Mary Redente selfie

The Facts:

The best way to sum up my Food Philosophy is through this beautiful quote by Hippocrates: "Let Food be thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy Food".  This concept is what inspired me to start a Private Chef business back in 2004, as a way to share my passion for health and healing through the medium of wholesome, seasonal, organic cuisine.  Currently I'm working on taking my foodie wisdom, experience and approach to conscious eating to the next level through the cookbook The Modern Omnivore, as well as through a food company I'm developing called Grateful Grains that will offer clean, healthy, whole-food based packaged awesomeness on grocery store shelves .  More on this big development soon....!

I also love taking Pictures.  It’s one of my favorite forms of artistic expression; taking a beautiful moment and forever cementing it in living color, or painting it with the raw acoustic simplicity of black & white tones.  I feel grateful and blessed that people allow me to capture their vulnerability, their joy, their love and life in this timeless way.  As a photographer I’m like a mirror, simply holding it up and reflecting beauty back to Beauty itself.

When I’m not shooting portraits, weddings or events, I focus my lens on Food (and myself sometimes ;) and the things in life that nourish us.  Holistic living and wellness is a huge passion in my life, and being able to share my truth through my images brings me great joy.  One of the multifaceted layers of my professional background includes working as a Private Chef, so marring my love of good food with my passion for the camera seemed like a perfectly natural combination. 

As a Musician, I'm an award winning songwriter that has been playing since I was a wee thing.   While I've done many a creative thing in my life, this just might be what I do best (or like to do the most)!  My sound is an eclectic mix of folk-pop, electronic beats, with a positive, thought provoking message at the forefront of my songs. In my shows I weave in a blend of obscure covers from The Police to Tina Malia.  I've been performing solo and with bands since the age of 8, and I've toured throughout the United States and Europe. Some of my career highlights include recording with Jai Uttal and opening for a Marianne Williamson event.  Catch me while you can, as my musical performances are a sensation and a rarity, and are most often experienced as private house concerts. 

I’ve been mixing up magic through my camera, in the kitchen and on my instruments for years, and woven it all into the beautiful alchemy called my life.  From fine art Photographer to Foodie and Musical Muse, I’m ready for anything and always excited to put an artistic twist on life as I see it.  In front of or behind the camera.  In the kitchen or in the garden.  On stage or off.